Why you have to be crackers to eat crackers

Why you have to be crackers to eat crackers

You’ve just made a lovely cup of tea, but you want something with it, something with a bit of a crunch – so you turn to the crackers. It’s got to be better than sugary biscuits, right?

The fact that crackers often contain less sugar that cookies or other biscuits does not mean that they don’t pack in the calories. The type of cracker you opt for will make all the difference here. Buttery, salty versions, with fillings and toppings are pretty much as bad as the cookies, so if this is what you are getting into, you might want to just let yourself at the biscuit tin.

Whole grain crackers, which are low in salt are the healthy option. You may be completely surprised to learn what goes into a packet of crackers when it comes to salt and even transfats. Both are bad for your diet and the truth is that some crackers are in fact worse than a chocolate chip cookie when you take a good look at the ingredients.

At the top of the list are those that come prepackaged with fillings in side. Sodium, fat and calories abound in these seemingly handy little creations, so you need to make your own. Low fat, whole grain, low salt crackers are what you need to look out for and you need to tend to the act of filling them yourself. Cottage cheese, vegetables, or humous are just some examples toppings that will make the humble cracker much more exciting.

So it’s not a case of avoiding crackers altogether, just be selective in the ones you buy. Watch what you put on them and you will ensure that they form a health, low cal snack, every time. Finally, you will have a real reason to stay away from the cookies.

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