A low cal Sunday Roast

A low cal Sunday Roast

There really is nothing quite like a Sunday roast, and when you are dieting, the smell of that roast wafting around the place is bound to break anyone’s resolution. Then give in, but do it the low cal way.

You can keep your calorie intake down and still enjoy a Sunday roast, the trick is to do it the right way and that all begins with how you shop for this meal. Women magazine outlines some fantastic tips for keeping the calorie count down when you are planning to tuck into a Sunday roast. Consider the meat you buy first of all, lean and white will keep the fat content down, duck or lamb will do exactly the opposite. When cooking the meat, put it on a rack so that fat can drip off whilst it is roasting.

Roasted potatoes are part of the Sunday roast package, but you can be clever with these little calorie fiends too. Rather than lard or other fat, try to cover them in coconut oil. Leave the skins on too, that way you get crispy pots and the skin will absorb the fat.

If you are adding gravy, try to make your own. Shop varieties are filled with salt and sugar, not good for your calorie count. Watch out for the sauces and other extras in general as you pack in the calories here without much nutritional value. Cranberry sauces and the like are pretty full with sugars too.

Finally, watch portion sizes and veer on the side of having a lot of veggies on your plate. You can enjoy your slice of chicken or turkey, and some lovely roasties but keep over a third of your plate colourful with steamed vegetables. Of course, watch dessert too, heavy cakes and ice creams are a bit of a no-no.

You may be on a diet, but if you are smart about it you can still partake in the institution that is the Sunday roast, good news for roast lovers everywhere!

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