The bad thing about low calorie diets

The bad thing about low calorie diets

If you opt for the low cal option in the supermarket, there are some things to consider, above all – are you really saving on calories, or just cancelling out nutrition? Fitday give us some tips on what to look out for.

If you are buying a food that previously tasted good because of its fat content, something must be added to replenish the taste. This can mean added sugar, which also means added calories – often more than the non low-cal option.

While a food, especially a processed food might be “low-fat,” it may not provide your body with any of the nutrients it needs, and could be filled with sugar and salt.

Many low-fat foods have small serving sizes. One cookie may have 20 calories, but 5 of them have 100. People are often mislead in terms of how much of a product they can actually eat.

So, if you are feeling snackish, don’t reach for diet cookies – avoid the fallacy of low-cal and opt for something that may have a higher fat content but also has nutrients and will not leave you feeling hungry. You could also opt for a snack that is naturally low in fat (without undergoing a chemical process) like bananas, dried fruit, or pretzels.

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