The benefits of setting yourself unrealistic goals

The benefits of setting yourself unrealistic goals

Most of the literature and advice around dieting success will specify the need to set goals that you can achieve, but is there some use in setting unrealistic goals?

Slow and steady is the way to do it, and taking each day at a time is the key to success. But for some people, reaching a goal that seems impossible is inspiration in itself. It’s all down to the type of personality you have, and how you motivate yourself, but for some, unrealistic goals are a positive kick-start. Hero Healthroom outlines some of the potential benefits of creating your own mountain to climb.

It inspires you – A big goal can get you up early in the morning. It can give you a sense of purpose and direction. If you are excited about something in the future, you may work harder than ever towards it.

You’re more likely to overcome obstacles – When you are super motivated, pretty much nothing can stand in your way. Whether it’s being fit enough to finish a mini-marathon, or slim enough to fit into a certain dress, you can find yourself climbing over those hurdles towards that goal with surprising ability.

The more work you put in the greater the reward, and this really gets some people going.

You learn how to plan – Working backwards from your goal, you can start to break the task up into little chunks of work, and relish achieving each one.

You receive support – People get excited too about what you are going to do, and will rally behind you more than you think.

You become empowered – By seeing you have the power to reach your smaller goals, you become more resourceful, learning about a new, amazing you.

You open up opportunities – If you can do this, what else can you do? Now the opportunities become endless.

Whilst common sense should prevail, sometimes it’s good to take a look inside yourself and see just how great you can do and how far you can push it. You might be surprised by what lies within.

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