Big time Paleo mistakes

Big time Paleo mistakes

For those looking for a healthy lifestyle, the Paleo diet has to be one of the best choices. But did you know that many Paleo dieters have huge misunderstandings about the Paleo diet? This article debunks the myths and helps you get it straight.

Fear of fat
For years, fat has been given the thumbs down. It has been described as being the worst thing to eat and very bad for us. The truth is that fats are actually pretty okay. Everything in moderation of course, but fats do provide us with energy and macro- fats which can be found in nuts, healthy fats such as olive oil or coconut oil, but also in fruits like avocados and coconuts and don’t forget seeds.

Increase in fruit
Fruit are healthy. There’s no mistake about that, but that doesn’t mean they should be consumed in too larger portions. Fruit contains fructose which is natural sugar. But sugar is still sugar even in fruit form and if not used will eventually turn into unhealthy fats. Sugars are carbohydrates. We need carbohydrates for energy but you can also get carbohydrates from vegetables which have very little if any, sugar in them.

Watch our for nuts
Nuts are great. They contain lots of minerals and healthy fats, but just with anything, we have to watch out. Everything in moderation is the motto here. A small handful of nuts every few days is more than enough.

Keep moving
Regular exercise is an important part of your daily lifestyle. This remains the same with the Paleo diet. You still have to keep your butt moving. You don’t have to join a gym to keep fit but you do need to make sure you get your body moving for at least 30 minutes a day. Think of taking a brisk walk to running up and down your stairs, just as long as you do something active you’ll be helping to keep your body fit and healthy.


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