Boost your willpower and get the results you want

Boost your willpower and get the results you want

Willpower is one of the most important ingredients for dieting success, and it’s a hard thing to come by. How can you harness the power of willpower and make it work for you? It’s not as hard to do as you might think.

If you want to build your willpower and get it to work for you, there are a few actions you can take to get this in motion. The best place to start with this is – at the start – don’t wait for a reason to exercise your willpower, get working on it right away. Getting motivated can start without a compelling reason to do so.

Be clever in using your willpower. Yes, you know you need to cut back on how much you eat, but you don’t need to make this a torturous affair. Humour yourself by starting to cut back on portion sizes rather than wiping out complete food categories at the start. Work your way up to maximum power by not defeating yourself at the start.

Know too when to let your willpower go. If you have chocolate every day, reduce the amount, allow yourself a little one day a week. It’s easier to abstain if you know that there is a treat coming up at the end of your hard work.

Visualise things. Keep a diary and take pictures of your progress. By seeing tangible evidence of how you are doing, you can boost your resolve to continue.

Keep it real too, especially in the beginning. You are not going to jump from not working out to running a marathon, or suddenly fit a size ten. Slow achieveable steps will bring in the results you need to keep that willpower right where it should be. As the song says, one day at a time…



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