Clever tricks for healthier eating habits

Clever tricks for healthier eating habits

Our eating habits play a big role in how we feel and how we look. Luckily there are clever ways to get those habits into the right shape.

Good eating habits can be hard to form, but not if you have the right tricks up your sleeve. Often, we may not notice when bad habits have started to take hold. Perhaps life is busy and you eat too fast as your mind is always racing. Perhaps you eat on the go a lot, but not the right stuff. It could be the case that you tend to over fill your plate at mealtimes and take in too much food. Whatever the issue might be with how you ingest food, investing in some good eating habits is a worthwhile thing to do.

A good start is to take a look at the proportions on your plate at meal time. As a rule of thumb, if you can fill half your plate with vegetables, and divide the rest into a quarter each of protein and carbs, you are getting this mix right. Vegetables are more than a side dish, they need to make up half of your meal. Not only will this give you a nutrient boost, it will help to keep the weight down.

As part of these proportions, you can let yourself go a little with some of the naughty but nice foods you love. If you give into something you like, make sure you take a tiny portion of it. After a while you will be amazed at how that becomes enough. Where you once ate a whole dish of something, a smaller serving will suffice.

Focus. You are now eating, so take your time, chew properly and stop your mind from racing. If you are not focussed on what you are doing, you will guzzle a lot more than you realise by eating faster and failing to chew properly.

All of these tips not only make eating more beneficial, they make it more fun. If you have been looking for some me time, then the dinner table it is.

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