Comfort foods to avoid this winter

Comfort foods to avoid this winter

When you go in search of comfort this Winter, there are some foods you should try to avoid, especially if you want to get in great shape for Spring.

It’s probably no surprise that many of the Winter comfort foods are also the most convenient to put together. It is possible to find some fast and healthy dishes, but these particular items are not what you need if you are want fast and good.

Good old mac and cheese is unfortunately one of those bad ones. A regular serving packs in around a quarter of your daily calorie allowance and quite a lot of saturated fats. Additions like sausages or salami make the whole affair an even more calorific one, so steer clear and find a healthier pasta dish as a substitute. Alternatively, you can reinvent it with low fat cheese and milk, vegetables and much less salt.

On a cold Winter’s day, there is nothing like a creamy chowder of a super thick soup, but these also need to be moderated. Creams and bisques clock up the calories pretty fast, turning your healthy bowl of soup into a calorie packed dish. This goes even more for packaged soups, which usually come with large helpings of salt too. Opt for broth based options and you will turn your soup break into a low fat goodie.

Pies seem like a great way to pack in the veggies, meat and carbs, and they are, but if you are dieting that’s not the best course of action. That puff pastry that seems lighter than air is filled with fats unfortunately and sausages or heavy sauces are part of the dish, it will be terrific but calorific. Go for a lower fat option with home made pastry and a pie filled with veggies and include a light sauce.

Winter treats are not necessarily out, you just need to modify the traditional favorites. So take your comforts as you will, but keep the good work up for the Summer.

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