Common Dieting and Weight Loss Myths Explained

Common Dieting and Weight Loss Myths Explained

Some would say that dieting is simple – you eat less, or you eat only healthy stuff, or you don’t eat after 5 pm, and you lose weight. Nothing more to it. If it is not working, you are doing something wrong. However, if it really did work like that, people would not suffer for years with weight issues and failed diet attempts, and there would not be dozens of ways to diet, all different from each other.

It does not mean that dieting and weight loss are something mysterious and not understandable, but the fact is that many people know way less about it than they think, and that some things they know are also probably wrong. Such misconceptions can affect health, or simply hinder your progress, so it is good to know what is actually true and what is not.

You must exercise every day together with dieting

Sudden intense exercise regimes will just make you tired more than anything else, especially in combination with eating less. Exercising moderately few times a week is perfectly fine, and even things like taking walks or doing housework can replace it, if exercising does not work for you.

Skipping meals (especially breakfast) is helpful

Skipping meals might make you more hungry and tired, so you will be more likely to grab some unhealthy but filling snack, or to eat bigger portions when you actually eat. Also, if you reduce your food intake dramatically, your body will think that you are in a situation where there is not enough food, and it will start preserving any fat you have (and let’s be real, fat is exactly what we all want to lose) so you can survive longer.

Supplements can do a lot for weight loss

There are thousands of dieting supplements advertised both in real life and online, and it is easy to think that at least some of them work and will help you lose the excess weight. And I am not saying that none of them work, but again, if they did work as advertised, there would be no people with weight issues anymore. The product would become famous worldwide and solve everyone’s problem. Another thing to consider is that often, you do not know what ingredients are put into those supplements. You might lose weight, but at the cost of your health, and that is not worth it.

Drinking more water helps the diet

Drinking water can help with your diet if it means that it will replace sugary drinks, but on its own, without any other lifestyle changes, water will not do much for your weight.

You are not allowed any treats or snacks

Nothing extreme will work long term. If you deprive yourself from absolutely everything you like and crave, in the end you will just give in to temptation and eat way more of the ‘bad’ food than you would have if you ate it little by little. The same goes for snacks between meals. There are many healthier snack options on the market today, or you can even make some yourself, such as nut mixes. Another simple option, probably the simplest one, is snacking on fruits and vegetables.

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