Dieting in the future

Dieting in the future

Dieting in the future will look quite different to how it looks today. As you might expect, technology will play quite a prominent role in tracking calories and weight loss. In fact, it’s incredible just how much it will play a part in everyday dieting life.

In fact, dieting in the future will be done with the help of glancing at a screen of some sort. It will even become possible to visualise how you will look at certain weights with the help of a special mirror according to Blue Anatomy. Instead of guessing how you will look when you have reached your target, you can actually see in advance. Incredible stuff indeed.

Smart scales will come into play where you can track weight loss in real time. Believe it or not, even the items in your fridge will be tagged according to your dieting plan. Just open the door and all of the tags on the food will tell you exactly what you are getting. Frequency ID tags will send out messages about the nutritional value of every item in there and you can calculate accordingly. Now that’s super scientific!

Ever wondered how many calories might be in a specific item whilst you are dieting? Wonder no more. In future, smart watches will actually track your calorie intake throughout the day. You will literally know what you have had right up to the last minute. Aside from this, they will send you motivational messages throughout the day. Shopping trolleys and restaurant menus will actually have the functionality to flag items that you should and should not have.

A combination of scanners, readers, screens and bluetooth devices seem to be the future of dieting. They know everything. If you thought you might be able to cheat from time to time, think again – someone, or something in cyberspace will know!

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