Eating fats to lose weight – the latest trend?

Eating fats to lose weight – the latest trend?

When it comes to weight control advice, the sands are always shifting and the latest mantra is that eating fats actually helps. How can we be sure however that this is not just another fad?

For years now, eating fats has been the one thing weightwatchers should not do, so much so that fat-free is emblazoned on food packaging everywhere. Now however, researchers are noting that fats play an important role in keeping our weight down and the advice has been to include it in our diet. This means a huge shift in our thinking, yet is it worth it?

It has been suggested that a high fat diet, with fats being taken in on a fixed schedule, is the way forward. This helps to get the metabolism going on cue and prevents obesity. Saturated fats have been public enemy number one for years, but the kind found in plant foods, like coconuts, is actually different to that found in animal foods. It contains a kind of fat which the body burns immediately, as with carbs. The end result is that this fat does not so easily get stored up for the future, adding to your waistline.

You need to be clever with how you take in fats however. If you feel that coconut fats are the way to go, that’s fine, but remember to cut out fats in other areas of your diet to compensate, otherwise you will simply go over the threshold for proper intake and put on weight. The types of fats matter too, are they from natural foods or processed foods? It goes without saying that the body can go to work better on fats from natural sources. 

In general, if you can keep fat intake to 35% of your calories and choose health, natural fats, you can take in what you need without it jeapordising your diet regime. You also get to enjoy some fatty food, which can’t be a bad thing. 

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