Getting to grips with grapes

Getting to grips with grapes

If you are on a diet, munching a bowl of grapes seems to be a good way to get a sweet treat in without being too naughty. And that is the case, if you eat them as you should.

It’s true that eating grapes can help with weight loss, but if you eat too many of them, you can actually cause the opposite effect. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as munching on a pile of grapes to get yourself through each day in the right way. They are much better than cookies and the like of course, but they are not that rich in nutrients and are surprisingly high in carbs, making them something you need to eat in balance with other foods.

When you are watching the calories, you want to get the most nutritional bang for your buck with each calorie you take in and with grapes, you do get some good nutrients, but of course, there is a reason they are so sweet. They are quite high in natural sugars and a cup of them adds up to 100 calories. Compared to strawberries for example, that’s double the calories, so you are not off scott free with a bowl of grapes.

The good news is that grapes have a nice supply of fibre, always good for dieters, but they are quite carbish, packing in over 25 games of carbs and 23 of sugar per cup. They do help to make you feel full with their water and fibre content, bus still not as much an orange for example.

All of this is not to say that grapes are not great, they are, but as with every other food, balance and moderation is key to making them work for you.

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