Hair care and how to make your diet do the work for you

Hair care and how to make your diet do the work for you

An important part of any diet is to ensure you continue to look after your entire body, so hair care becomes even more important when you are cutting back on certain foods.

Hair care is more relevant than ever when you are dieting and it’s important not to sacrifice your mane in the pursuit of your ideal weight. There are some nutrients that need to be a big part of your diet to prevent potential hair loss. Silica, from green leafy veg is one of your hair’s best friends. In particular, sea veg, such as seaweed is a fantastic source of silica. Not only that, seaweed is a great low cal source of this nutrient too. You will also find silica in potatoes, green and red peppers, cucumbers and bean sprouts.

Calcium is important to your hair as much as it is to your bones and iron helps reduce or prevent hair loss in addition to giving you the energy to work out. Anaemia is a common source of hair loss, so iron rich foods are vital. This means that you should probably include some meat sources, or at the very least eggs in your daily food intake. Remember to pair your iron intake with plenty of vitamin C which helps your body to absorb it. Fruit and veg will get you there.

Aside from iron, from meat and fish you also get plenty of protein. Hair is a protein so it makes sense to bolster these in your body. Vitamin B is vital too, and plays a key role in healthy hair as does vitamin E. Nuts, seeds and even olive oil help to keep your hair in good shape. You may need to watch how much of these foods you eat to keep calories down, but do include some for your hair.

If you want to keep your healthy hair, even during a diet, the trick is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Yes you need to cut down, but that does not mean you need to cut out. Good balance, time and care will get you the body and hair that you want.

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