How the smell of fruit can work for you

How the smell of fruit can work for you

The smell of fruit is always good, and it does a lot for your diet too apparently. Studies have shown that it can help to deter you from choosing bad desserts.

When you have had a lovely dinner, it’s tempting to drop the fruit and opt for a luscious slice of cheescake for dessert. After all, fruit is great it’s true, but a slab of cake or a dollop of ice cream makes for a much more sustantial treat. In fact, when you think of a wonderful dessert, fruit does not really cut it if you are feeling indulgent.

But just as the smell of cake can sent you racing for the dessert menu, the smell of fruit can help to ensure you put it right back down again. An experiment whereby diners at a buffet were exposed to various fruit smells has shown that this can have quite a powerful effect on their post dinner food choices. According to some of the study done on this, the type of fruity smell even has an impact, with the scent of pear having a much more pronounced effect on what people select to eat. People exposed to a pear smell before eating were much more inclined to select fruit for dessert than others.

It’s a wonderful possibility to consider that if we smell fruit we will be more ready to select this healthier option at a restaurant. It makes sense too. Food aromas have a huge impact on our yearning for and enjoyment of food. If a fresh bread or pizza smell can set you off in search of those foods, then it stands to reason that the natural aromatic qualities of fruit could set you on course for a more natural, and much less calorific dessert choice.

If you are worried about making the wrong choices next time you dine out, or concerned about caving in when asked if you want to see the dessert menu, just keep a pear in your bag, give it a good sniff and be the stronger person for it.

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