How to Keep Exercising Even When You Don’t Feel Like it

How to Keep Exercising Even When You Don’t Feel Like it

You have decided to (finally!) start exercising, you downloaded an app with fitness routines you like or you paid the gym membership, and you managed to get through the first few days of it, despite feeling sore and not in the shape. But as the days pass, you are starting to lose that feeling of excitement that you had when you first started exercising. It might seem boring, like you don’t have enough time for it, or even pointless. But do not give up, you can do it. And these tips might help you find out how.

Set realistic goals – If there are days where it seems like your full routine is too much, do not force yourself to go through all of it, because it might have the effect of you starting to dislike exercising. But also do not skip it altogether, even if it seems to you like there is no point in doing it if you do not do it all. Do just a bit, just a couple of exercises that you like the most, so you can tell yourself you did not break your streak. And if you realize after you started that you feel like doing more, even better.

Remember your goals – If you want to lose weight, do not put a photo of yourself at your worst somewhere where you can see it while exercising so you remember why you are doing it. Instead, buy a lovely item of clothing in your ideal size and put it right in front of yourself. Imagine yourself fitting in it and proudly wearing it. If your exercise goals are more on the health/being in shape side, think about how difficult some of the exercises were when you started doing them, and how even after a couple of days, you could already do so much more than before. Imagine how cool it will be when you can do things like splits without even really trying.

Find someone to support you  – Be it a family member, a friend, or an online community, find someone who you can share your progress, but also your whining, with. It should be someone you can trust, and not someone who will either not take your efforts seriously, or will be too harsh for you when you do not feel like exercising. A good support person will nudge you in the right direction exactly as much as you need it, they will celebrate your successes with you, and be understanding of your ‘failures’.

Just do it! – As Shia LaBeouf would say in the famous meme, sometimes you just need to do it. No matter how lazy you feel, no matter how much you want to do something else, sometimes the only solution is to just go and exercise, no excuses, no procrastination, no whining allowed. It is ok not to always be like that, but if you notice that you are slacking off too much, firm conversation with yourself and powering up through it is the only way to go. Your body will be grateful.

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