How to minimise the holiday season damage

How to minimise the holiday season damage

The holiday season, tis the season to be jolly, spend money and of course add on a few extra pounds. Very few of us emerge from this time of the year without some damage to the waistline and huge dreams for our new years resolutions.

With the fun and relaxation of the holiday season comes increased eating, a little more drinking and a general disregard for the rules we follow day by day. After all, this is somewhat a time to do what we like rather than what we have to do and who wants to stay away from rich desserts and chocolates when we have a great excuse in the form of the holiday season. There are a few ways that you can help to minimise the damage and enter the new year without having to pick up the pieces when it comes to diet and exercise.

One good trick is to pre-eat. A small protein snack before you go out will stop you from arriving ravenous and prevent the urge to over eat. You can also control the food you eat at an event by offering to make a dish. A healthy burst of vegetables or a fruit dish will provide an alternative if you can’t find any diet friendly options around. It will also earn you some great brownie points amongst your friends.

Watch out for the alchohol too, it piles on the calories and empty ones at that. If there is one way to put on weight without noticing it, it’s those extra few drinks. Try to use low calorie sodas or tonic water as a mixer and opt for drinks with less alchohol content.

Finally, don’t forego exercise at this time. A healthy walk each day or a workout every two or three days will help to burn off some of the extra fat and carbs that you take in over the holiday season. There’s no need not to enjoy this time and you probably will take in a bit more than you should. If you keep things somewhat in line however, there’s no reason why you can’t fix it with a little repair work in January.


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