How to stop the holidays ruining your diet

How to stop the holidays ruining your diet

Holidays are coming and with them a hefty dose of guilt. You haven’t been to the gym in more than two weeks and you while you have been enjoying the good life, you’ve had some naughty foods too.

Whilst you may despair at ever getting fit again after two weeks off, it actually takes a little longer than that to lose the fitness you have built up. If you get back to it within a month, you will be on track again sooner than you think. The difficult part can be getting yourself ready to workout again, just picture how great you will feel afterwards.

So you may not be keeping up your usual drill, but you can sneak a bit of exercise into your daily routine whilst on holidays. Try a brisk 30 minute walk everyday. Do a little climbing or hiking, you will help keep yourself fit, and add another dimension to your holidays.


Part of the problem with holidays is that they start to break down your routine even before you go. That crazy rush to get everything done before you leave makes it difficult to find time to prepare healthy foods. Add to this the flurry of things to attend to when you get back and you could find yourself working late quite a lot. Try to get a few hours back, get up an hour earlier and head in to start work before everyone is there. Park whatever can wait and just attend to urgent things.

You can also make life easier with a little prep work at weekends of in the evenings. Make it easy to grab your meal, but a healthy one and you will avoid the calories that come with take-away food.

It’s not necessarily a case of having no drill during holiday time, it’s a case of having a new one. Make a few small changes and get out there and enjoy your holidays!

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