Insects as diet food

Insects as diet food

Insects as food – ugh! It might not sound like the tastiest fare, but a lot of that is a cultural nose-upturning more than anything else. Insects are great for people on a diet.

The fact is that insects are great if you are on a diet. They are packed with nutrients, some of which you can only find in insects and they give an incredible amount of protein for their size. There’s just one small problem, they look anything but appetizing. But that’s not the case everywhere and many countries eat insects without batting an eyelid, in fact, they are a delicacy and a treat served to kids. The truth is that we are probably a bit squeamish about them. Very squeamish in fact, so much so that we balk even at the thought of touching them, let alone eating them.

When we look at the amount of fat, sugar and other bad stuff in what we eat, the healthy alternative has been there all along, flying or crawling around. The word is that this will become the food of the future and as resources become scarce in our full world, we will have to get over our phobia and eat them, just as people all over the world do.

The fact is that if we can do so, we have a lot to gain. Because they are so low in fat and so packed with protein, insects are in fact a superfood. You can help yourself to lose weight whilst staying healthy if you can tuck into some of these critters.

The good news is that they can be made into food that lools less insecty too – burgers, satay sticks and the like can be deceptively nice to look at, but made of ground insects. If you want to get onto a good thing for your diet, then when it comes to insects – never say never!


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