Low fat cheeses that really work

Low fat cheeses that really work

Low fat cheeses have hit the supermarket shelves in a bit way. In search of healthy food that is not too fattening, we frequently pop it into our trolleys. Low fat can often mean low taste however and that’s hard for cheese lovers.

When you think about it, eating a lesser amount of full fat creamy cheese could be a more sensible option than low fat cheeses. A lot of the time, the fat is replaced with other preservatives or additives and you sacrifice the taste. Cheese is full of calcium and other goodness too, so it’s not a good idea to remove it from your diet. A few lesser portions of the real stuff might work better than low fat cheeses sometimes.

If you are going down that route, then one cheese you do want to buy is Feta. This has under 100 calories per ounce, much lower than other cheeses. It also packs in a nice amount of protein.

Mozzarella cheese is a very transportable type of food. It makes for a great snack on the move and the low fat version of this also has under 50 grams per ounce. It’s also full of calcium and protein.

Parmesan is another goodie, and not slathered over your pizza, but sprinkled over the healthy food like salads or vegetables. It has huge amounts of calcium and it adds great flavour to any dish you come up with. It’s quite a salty one however, so you need to consider how much sodium you should be eating.

Low fat cheeses are a help to our diets, but there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Keep to the right serving portions for full fat cheese and add cheese to healthy dishes so it can bring in the flavour and the goodness that it is famous for, without piling on the weight.

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