Make your workout work you out more

Make your workout work you out more

Ever feel like your workout has gotten a little less, workouty? You spend that hour in the gym or exercising at home, but are you getting enough out of it? If it’s become a breeze it’s probably not working.

The thing about a workout is that your body gets used to it. Our clever bodies learn and muscle memory kicks in, making what should be testing us something that has become easier than it was before. This is great, but you won’t get the maximum results then. You are getting fit, but if you want to keep the calories burning and muscle tone building, you need to shake things up a little.

The trick is in the order of your exercises. How you mix them up and pair them together can be the difference between a solid workout and a run of the mill trip to the gym. When you have pushed the forearms, work the back ones afterwards for example. Keep the tension up for a little while longer and swap over the muscle group you are working and you will keep the body working nicely. Doing a ton of pressups and walking around a little while might not be as good as working both sides of your arms for a shorter period for example.

A vital part of any workout is the warmup too. Don’t skimp in it as this is what will prime you to build up the strength you need to maximise your workout in this way.

Keep the body moving throughout too as this keeps muscles, the heart and all the other vital cogs in the machine going. Don’t just drop off after doing something tough, keep a little momentum going and you will really see the results. Avoid the other extreme though, keeping up a heavy pace non stop is not recommended. Momentum is what you need to recover from an intensive part of your routine, not a workout within a workout.

So keep it going, be sensible and move things around a bit. Then see how well your regime starts to work for you.

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