Natural foods to keep hay fever away

Natural foods to keep hay fever away

When you are suffering with hay fever, you are in no condition to keep your workout and diet going to the max. Rather than take strong drugs to fight it (which can also make you listless), try some natural cures.

Dealing with hay fever does not have to involve guzzling lots of pharmaceuticals or munching comfort food to feel better. Try some of these natural aids, as recommended by Wellnation Clinics.

Fenugreek seed tea is a wonder for hay fever. Two to three cups daily helps prevent irritation and congestion of the nasal passages and sinuses. You will also have something else to sip on that will help avoid comfort snacking.

Ginger and garlic are wonder foods, and just as much for hay fever as for anything else. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory,  and garlic has antibiotic properties that prevent sinus congestion.

Local honey and beeswax or fresh honeycomb, taken on a daily basis can help. It’s best to take this all year round or at least in the run up to hay fever season. A piece of honeycomb, about the size of a 20-cent piece, once or twice daily can decrease sensitivity to pollens by helping to block antibodies.

Fish oils (omega-3 fatty acids) in your diet are always good, and for hay fever, they help to prevent the inflammation that causes the terrible symptoms that sufferers have to put up with.

Melons, zucchinis and cucumbers, alongside wheat products, tomatoes and carrots need to be watched as they have pollen like materials in them. The last thing you want to do is ingest what is causing the problem in the first place.

Nettles, which you may associate with getting stung as a child are your friend now. Capsules of extract of fresh nettle juice provide a natural antihistamine effect that reduces irritation.

Rather than a cocktail of tablets and relief sprays, try out these natural foods first. Your body may take some time to adjust but if you get the right results, you can carry on with your life and your healthy living plan – without so much sneezing.


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