Need a full fat delight for your diet? Try avocados!

Need a full fat delight for your diet? Try avocados!

Sometime over the last decade or so, we all made the move away from the dreaded saturated fats. Considered the bad guys of our shopping trolley, we quickly adopted alternatives in the form of margarine and other products containing trans-fats and hydrogenated fats.

Lately however, the experts are noting that far from being as terrible as we all thought, regular fats are in fact better for us than the alternatives we have used over the last few years. The types of fat we have replaced them with are not only triggers for health problems like heart disease, they also contribute to weight gain by interfering with insulin levels.

One great fat-filled super-food that can actually contribute to weight loss is the humble avocado. While this is a relatively high calorie food, with 100 grams holding around 160 calories, avocados contain the type of fat that your body burns slowly. They also help to create a feeling of satisfaction after eating, and all of this prevents hunger and snacking after meals.

Avocados are a great way to start the day too. Rather than relying on the carbs from your slice of toast, try it with some avocado, or look up some great avocado recipes online. In terms of nutrition, the list goes on and on with this food, so instead of avoiding it as being too fatty, it’s time to re-consider avocado as part of a balanced diet, and one that can help compliment the waistline too!

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