Pack in a protein punch with snacks that fill you up

Pack in a protein punch with snacks that fill you up

When it comes to feeling full and avoiding overeating, protein is a key nutrient. If you are going to snack on the run without overdoing it in the calories department, then make sure you pack a protein punch.

If you need to grab a snack, then a protein filled one is the best way to fill up and avoid going through a selection of different foods in your quest to feel full. Protein is the key to your success, but it can be hard to tell just how much of this stuff a snack has. Bearing this in mind, here are a few to watch out for.

Beef jerky makes a great snack because it’s suprisingly low in fat and it has a great savoury taste that helps you to feel satiated. Jerky is a chewy one too, which means your brain logs that you are eating better, reducing the chance that you will reach for another snack afterwards. Being meat based, jerky is packed with protein too, around 10g per ounce.

Protein bars can be a good source too. Just watch out for the low sugar ones and stick to ones that don’t go over 200 calories. If you add a few nuts to your protein bar, you are upping your intake even further.

Cheese sticks and small cheese portions are going to help you on your way too. You can reach up to 10 grams of protein a piece. A net of babybells is a handy way to fill up when you are on the run, so don’t buy them just for the kids.

Keep some hardboiled eggs in the fridge, ready to grab before you go out. Add a glass of milk when you are snacking on the run and you have a super protein boost that will keep you going without too many calories.

The key to snacking is to feel full afterwards, make protein your new friend and you will get the food, without the desire to keep going.

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