Is it possible to cook without oil?

Is it possible to cook without oil?

Oil is very high in calories, about 120 cals per tablespoon, which is even higher than maple syrup! It seems a shame to spoil your healthy vegetable meal with spoonfuls of oil. The good news is that there are some clever ways to avoid using it. Straightupfood tell us to consider stock, water, and good old-fashioned roasting.

When you are sautéing vegetables on the hob, simply replace the oil you normally use with water or vegetable broth. You just need to keep an eye on it and top up if needed. Sautéing also allows the natural sugars to release and intensify, which means the flavour of the food comes out more.

If you are roasting or baking vegetables, you also do not need to use oil. These foods will still cook, and if left in long enough, they will lightly brown. Instead of oil, use other moist foods, such as bananas, apples/applesauce, soaked dried fruit (like raisins or prunes), dates and tofu.

For baking cakes, breads, or cookies, use parchment paper instead of oil on your tins, or use silicone bakeware, which is non-stick and washable.

It may take some time to adjust to an oil-free taste, but once your taste buds come around, you might find that you don’t miss is so much, and of course you will cut down on the fat that you eat.

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