Is it possible to stay motivated to loose weight?

Is it possible to stay motivated to loose weight?

Starting out on a weight loss programme is often the point when you are feeling very gung-ho about the whole thing. For many people, the excitement grows as the scales fall, but keeping that motivation alive can get tricky after a while. NHS choices outline some stories, told by real people, about how they continue to overcome the difficult times when motivation wanes.

One lady saw great success from keeping a photo diary of herself in her underwear. She could see what she really looked like underneath her clothes and recorded measurements, targets and feelings.

Another lady noted that tracking weight loss monthly, as opposed to weekly helped to avoid the crushing disappointment of a bad week. A cornerstone of success is also in setting small, achievable targets, such as the next half-stone or next dress size.

And it’s not just about recording success, but about looking at things in a new light. Viewing having to go up the stairs, or walk with the kids instead of taking the car, as forms of exercise, rather than work. Visualisation of finally wearing a brand new dress or tight jeans also helped.

Another good trick is to get sponsored for a race, get fit and follow through. When people have sponsored you, you can’t let them down and the new goal creates motivation.

By taking a renewed look at life’s daily tasks, and setting goals that are reachable, it’s possible to not only stay on the wagon, but to get that end result.

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