Smart meat eating

Smart meat eating

When weight-watching, meat is often considered something to avoid or reduce as much as possible but is does provide some healthy protein along with vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B-12, iron, zinc, phosphorus and niacin. If you are a bona fide meat eater, but want to keep the calories down, eating meat smartly is the thing to do.

One type of meat isn’t always leaner than another as different cuts vary in fat and calorie content, so the decision is not only which meat you eat, but which cut. Livestrong have some great tips on satisfying your carnivorous cravings whilst minimising fat intake.

1. Game meat, such as Venison tends to be much lower in fat.

2. Opt for skinless chicken or turkey breasts as much of the fat is located in the skin, and light meat is leaner than dark meat.

3. Depending on the cut, pork can be even leaner than chicken once the visible fat is removed. The leanest cuts include tenderloin, top-loin chops or roast, center-loin chops, rib chops and sirloin roast.

4. The leanest beef cuts are those with “loin” or “round” in the name. Cuts labeled “select” are leaner than those labeled “choice” or “prime.”

So it is possible to indulge in a meaty meal, as long as you consider the type of meat you are eating and read the label a little better to determine the type of cut it is.

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