Some power foods for your diet and your health

Some power foods for your diet and your health

Power foods do a lot to keep you on track when it comes to staying in shape. With the right nutrients you have the power to go about your day. Don’t let your diet be a drain on your energy, add some of these good foods to your repertoire.

If you need something sweet, throw away the sugar and consider old fashioned honey, which is actually one of the best power foods out there. Honey has fructose and glucose which can give you a burst of energy and it’s full of antioxidants and vitamins. In fact, honey’s ability to fight disease and prevent you from getting sick is pretty under-rated. Next time you want to splurge on sweetness, get out the honey jar and go down the power foods route.

Drop the sports drinks. Whilst we are on the topic of old fashioned power foods, here’s another one, a cup of chocolate milk. There’s a reason they give this stuff to people who are active outside in cold weather. If you need a burst of energy but don’t want to ruin your diet, opt for a chocolate milk. This is not to say that you can down endless cups of the stuff, but a little treat now and again will help to keep you going – and of course, there is milk in there…

A bowl of yoghurt is another power food that will help you along your way. Packed with good bacteria, calcium and vitamins, it gives your body that boost it needs when you are feeling flat. No need to hit the vending machine for a chocolate bar, hit the yoghurt tub, get a sweet fix and do minimal damage to your diet. If you eat the right yoghurt you get a health boost to boot.

Power foods are not all of those fancy things you see advertised on the TV. They have been sitting there in your kitchen the whole time. Now open it up and get that energy.

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