Superfoods – that are weight busters too!

Superfoods – that are weight busters too!

When it comes to foods that help you lose weight, fads and fashions come and go. It is possible however to combine the fantastic benefits of superfoods with the benefits of not piling on the calories.

Below is a list that Fitbie have compiled and in it you will find foods that are not only a lot less naughty than some other foods, but that are also great for you, and taste good.

Milk – it really is good for you! Researchers suspect that vitamin D and calcium acutally make milk slimming, so in addition to giving you strong bones and teeth, it can play a role in making you  look your best. It’s quite a filling drink too, so will help to cut down on eating by filling you up.

Watermelon – it contains an amino acid called arginine, which may boost weight loss, according to a 2011 study in the Journal of Nutrition. The scientists found that mice that consumed foods rich in arginine for three months lowered their body fat gains by 64 percent. Watermelon’s high water content may also help you feel full for longer, which can’t be a bad thing.

Eggs – If you start your day with eggs you feel fuller for longer afterwards, again preventing a late morning crash (and snacking).

Green tea – A zero-calorie beverage, green tea has EGCG, a compound that has been shown to slow weight gain.

Greek yogurt – This yummy breakfast/lunch/desert comes loaded with satiating protein, as well as fat-fighting calcium.

Air-Popped Popcorn – Snacking can be the death of a weight loss plan, unless you opt for this crunchy and satisfying treat. You can indulge in three whole cups for under 100 calories, while squeezing in a healthy dose of fiber, which will help you feel full. Popcorn also contains a high concentration of health-enhancing antioxidants.

If you are considering a new diet plan, adding in some of these goodies should help to boost its effectiveness and keep you full and healthy with foods that taste great.

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