Sweat your stomach away

Sweat your stomach away

Workouts need to be sweaty apparently, especially if you are trying to shed tummy fat. Boiling yourself in a sauna or hot bath helps to some degree, but the most effective sweating is done as part of a vigorous workout.

If you find that you are working out and not getting very far, ask yourself, have you broken a sweat lately? It may be time to think about how hard you are working yourself when you are doing your regular exercise. If you find that your stomach fat is incredibly stubborn and you can manage to go a little harder then it’s time to up the ante a little bit. Three to four moderate-intensity workouts per week will start the sweating process by bringing up the heart and breathing rate. The fitter you get, the higher intensity you can get to. What you need to do is work your way up to at least one or two vigorous workouts a week. This brings up the body’s metabolism and core temperature. Twice a week, not simultaneously, give yourself a recovery day in between.

Now you won’t look too good in the gym. In fact you will probably be dripping with sweat, which is uncomfortable for everyone. Sweat however really is a visible sign that calories are burning away and that the belly should be starting to shift from its comfortable place on your tummy. In addition, you won’t be able to jump right into a high intensity if you have not been doing it so far. Get there gradually and you will also see yourself get much fitter.

It’s not the most fun thing you could ever do and it’s not going to be you looking your best. If you can get used to working up a sweat however, you will feel the benefit and can smile to yourself when that belly starts to shift. You may not look great in the gym, but then again, who does and when you get the end result, who cares?


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