The apple cider vinegar diet

The apple cider vinegar diet

Apple cider vinegar seems like something you would use to brew, but it can actually play a role in weight loss too.

Megan Fox swears by apple cider vinegar, although many might comment that she takes the whole think a little bit too far. If you can manage to drink a bit of the stuff before eating however, it can help wiht cleansing, detox and carlorie burning.

The reason apple cider vinegar works is because apples are filled with a substance called pectin (the stuff that sets homemade jam), which helps to make you feel full. In this way, it even acts as an appetite suppressant. It can also improve the types of food you eat, giving you more of a longing for wholesome foods as opposed to sugary snacks. By stimulating taste buds, apple cider vinegar also makes sure that you taste your food a lot better. Those bland vegetables that you don’t like can become more filled with flavour and more tempting to eat. When you are trying to cut back on calories those veggies are key to your success.

Apple cider vinegar is acidic stuff and this also helps with the breaking down of your food. Acids help with the digestion of protein, and this in turn has an impact on how we develop hormones. Hormones play a role in breaking down fat cells, especially the growth hormone. It stands to reason then that digesting proteins more efficiently unlocks our body’s potential to create hormones that will help us lose weight.

By keeping digestion on the go, apple cider vinegar moves fats through the digestive tract too. By not remaining there too long, they don’t get a chance to be absorbed back into your body, and stored. Apple cider vinegar is a great way to move nutrients through your body better and get more out of them. Done in a sensible way, this can be a boon to your diet. Just don’t try it the Megan Fox way and you will be fine.

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