The best form of weight loss – doing it the right way

The best form of weight loss – doing it the right way

What is the best form of weight loss and why is loosing weight so difficult? Another question to ask is why people want to loose weight specifically? It might be a strange question but if you’re one of the people that have added weight loss goals to their new years resolution, then its important to ask yourself this very basic question as this will help you lose weight once and for all!


The best form of weight lossYou are what you eat

As the saying goes, what you eat is a major factor in how our bodies respond to weight and too much of the unhealthy stuff, well, weight loss won’t be easy. Food which are high in sugars are often called ‘comfort food’. Sometime we eat these because we’re too lazy, whilst at other times we eat these type of sugary food to provide us comfort. If the latter is the case, then its time to think about what may be causing the urge to each such foods. Could it be stress, anxiety or another issue affecting your subconsciously? Is there something or someone in your life that you’re unhappy about? Be honest, because this is the first step to successful change.

Water, glorious water

Everyone knows how healthy water is but did you know that drinking ice water regularly will help bring your core body temperature down. When this happens, you body will want to raise your body temperature in order to recover its lost heat and this requires your body to use energy and burn fat. Not only is this easy but its also one of the best forms of weight loss! Just make sure you drink ice water not ice cola!! It isn’t just water that can do wonders for natural weight loss. Did you know that the colour blue has been known to stave off cravings? Yes, it may sound strange but by adding blue pieces of furnishings or decorations to your table, you influence your mind and body to eat less. Colour does a lot more to us that we realize.  Warmer colours, such as reds, oranges or yellows do the opposite however, then tend to make people more hungry and eat more so think about this when you’re setting the table from now on!

Focus on a specific goal The best form of weight loss

By focusing on a specific weight loss goal, as opposed to a general one, we achieve more success. For example, instead of wanting to loose 20 lbs, why not make the goal to become 2 clothing sizes smaller. When you put the focus on the weight, all attention is placed there and this takes you aware from the progress you’re actually making. Our bodies burn fat and energy differently and weight loss takes place in different areas of our bodies. It’s therefore possible that your clothing size does reduce whilst the weight on the scales seems less. Does this mean you aren’t losing weight? Not at all! It just means that the weight you are losing isn’t as visible on the scales but visible in other areas and weight loss if weight loss, however it is measured!

Food labels

You can go a little over the top looking at the nutritional information on food labels. At the same time, this information will tell you what you’re eating and by looking at this, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you’re eating. In particular, look at the calorie information (Kcal) indicated. Calories are the metric used to tell you how much sugar and carbohydrates are in each serving.  Aside from the food labels, try keeping yourself distracted from the subject of food all together. We often snack out of boredom or just to keep our hands busy but in those time, we don’t often need to eat. In moments like these, get yourself busy doing other things and make sure they are active things so you can’t easy find a moment to eat.

Practical about food

Aside from making our lives easier in general, preparing large meals for several days can also help us eat more healthily. It’s those time when we can’t be bothered to cook for ourselves that we get lazy and grab easy food. If instead we make a large portion of food and then enough for a day or two extra, not only do we not have to cook on these days, we also aren’t tempted to binge or eat unhealthy food. On top of this cooking large portion is cost effective.

Track your progress but keep moving

Let’s not forget that there are a 1000 steps in every journey and this includes your weight loss journey too. Document yourself by taking a photograph of your body at the beginning. In this way you’ll be able to see the progress you’ve made more easily. Remember, if you only look at the scales you might not see the real progress that you have made. Our bodies need exercise and moving your butt regularly should be included in your every day routine. Taking a brisk walk is easy and cheap. It doesn’t cost a thing and is simple to do. Walking also helps keep blood flowing so think about taking an long stroll (45 – 60 minutes) after a modest meal.

the best form of weight lossThe best times to eat

One thing you can try is to move your largest meal of the day (often in the evening) to the afternoon or as lunch. Our bodies generally burn more calories during the day in comparison to the evenings. If you eat a lighter meal in the evening your body has to work less on burning food. As a result, you’ll sleep lighter and feel better.

Recognizing that full feeling

It’s easy to keep on eating when enjoying a delicious plate of something special but its even more important to know when you’re full and know when to stop eating. By eating slowly, we give our brains the time to recognize when we are full. It is said that our brain needs approximately 20 minutes before it recognizes that we are full. If within a period of 20 minutes we consume large amounts of food, we end up eating too much. This leave us with a over-full feeling and a too higher calorie consumption.

At the end of the day, losing weight is not only a physical game but a mental one as well. When we focus too much on the goals we haven’t achieved this demotivates us. We can make it simple by focusing on more visible signs of weight loss instead of only looking at what the scales tell us.

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