The great butter versus marg debate

The great butter versus marg debate

To buy butter or marg, it’s impossible to decide. Everywhere you look you see arguments in favour of both. How on earth do you know which one is best for you?

Whether to buy butter or marg has been the subject of great debate for years now. Proponents of marg swear by it’s ability to help cut down on fats in your diet and butter fans say that what you have been hearing about marg is all wrong. So which one do you put in your shopping trolley? The answer is not quite black and white, it’s a little grey.

The difference between butter and marg lies mostly in the types of fats they contain. Calorie-wise, there is actually not a lot of difference between the two, both add similar amounts of fat to your diet. Butter however is the saturated fat candidate and it is this type of fat that has been linked with heart disease and high cholesterol levels. Marg has emerged as a hero some years ago, being filled with non saturated fats and therefore positioned as better for our diet.

The problem with marg however is that it also can contain the “wrong” type of fat. By virtue of being a processed food, it contains a lot of trans fats and these are being singled out as a huge contributor to today’s obesity problem. Fans of butter will tell you that this is the stuff to be avoided.

Which one you choose however really is down to you, how you eat and the lifestyle you have. If you don’t consume much of either and want to keep the saturated fats down, you can opt for the marg for example. The key is in moderation. Guzzling slices of bread with a thick spread of either is not good. Keep to a moderate amount of whichever one you choose and you can enjoy your sandwiches – without worrying about the waistline – and let the debate rage on.

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