The Dangers of Dieting Products Advertised by Social Media Influencers

The Dangers of Dieting Products Advertised by Social Media Influencers

We live in an era of the social media. People with lots of followers can have a huge amount of influence on the ‘ordinary’ people, and while that can sometimes be a good thing, such as a celebrity informing their followers about something important happening in the world they might not be aware of, it can also be very dangerous or damaging, especially when it comes to the matters that concern health, such as weight loss.

We have all seen posts that celebrities and influencers are paid for, promoting one product or another. Sometimes it is a clothing item, sometimes makeup, but quite often, it is a magical concoction that will either help you lose weight in a matter of weeks, or will let you eat whatever you want and still lose weight. But how effective and, more importantly, safe for your health those products can be?

If someone sees a post of their favourite celebrity gushing about how great some product was and how it helped them so much to achieve their perfect weight, they will very likely be tempted to go out and buy it. It all just seems so simple and great! You buy it, you take it, and boom – you look just like your idol. But there are many things about such products and such posts that are not so great.

Until quite recently, influencers and celebrities did not have to mention that their posts were advertisements, which, of course, made them seem more believable and real. If so-and-so uses and loves that product, and they have so much money they could spend on the best possible product, that means it must be it; and they surely care about their health, so this product must also be safe, right?

Well, not really. They get paid for promoting those things, and, in many cases, they never even try it. Most of them watch every little thing they eat and exercise daily. They know products that promise you to lose weight quickly and effortlessly cannot really work, but it does not really matter. They still earn money for promoting them.

But let us say that some of those products work. The question is how exactly? People have been obsessed with their weight for ages, and if there really was a legitimate way to get slim effortlessly, it would have been discovered a long time ago and known worldwide, not produced by some unknown companies and promoted by random people on the social media.

The fact is, if any of those products really seem to work, it means they are messing something up in your body. Humans’ bodies are not supposed to gain and lose weight very quickly, and that happening can cause many health issues. Also, most of those products are neither verified by any doctors nor you get full list of their ingredients. You could literally be putting anything in your body and have no idea about it, based on trusting someone you do not know, and who does not know, or truly care about, you.

If you want to lose weight, you have to be aware it will take a while. First and foremost, you need to stay healthy through it, because if you get sick while trying to get slim, what is the point in the end? Exercise and healthy eating and sleeping habits are your best bet to manage both.

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