The new Atkins diet

The new Atkins diet

Whether you think it was a great diet or the worst idea ever, the Atkins diet was a popular one for quite a while. Now it’s got a new version that promises to work better than the last.

Atkins has an alternative form – the new Atkins diet, which also promises to turn you into a lean, mean fat-burning machine. The difference with Atkins two however is that you can eat a few more different foods. The basic premise remains the same, stopping carbs completely to force your body to burn up fat stores to give you energy. The new one allows you to be open to wider selection of food so it’s a bit more balanced in terms of the nutrients you get every day.

It’s designed to give you a fast weight loss initially, with two weeks of eating plenty or protein and only 20 grams of carbs a day. At this stage you are supposed to lose around ten kilos in two weeks. The diet gets a little less hard core after week two, with the introduction of different foods. A planned exercise regime is included throughout and this continues after the first two weeks.

On the plus side, Atkins two can give you a pretty dramatic loss of weight initially, which is great for motivation and the feel good factor. Cutting back on carbs is not a bad thing either, as this means a lot of processed foods have to go and they are a huge problem in our diets. You don’t live on salads either as good old dairy and meat are in there.

The revised version of Atkins seems to hit the mark a bit better when it comes to making it interesting and doable. Some minus points inlude the possibility of a dry mouth, tiredness and constipation from reducing high fibre carbs. The diet lets you add salt too, which can be a question mark when it comes to eating healthy.

As with most of these diets, it’s not perfect but different methods suit different people. You may love it and find it works, but it’s hard to tell until you try. Balance and caution should always prevail, so if you are going to give it a whirl, see how it makes you feel. If it’s not working out you will know soon enough.

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