Tricks from those who made it on a diet

Tricks from those who made it on a diet

When you are having a tough time on your diet, some tricks can help. Some silly mind tricks or food prep techniques, although they might sound silly, could be the difference between making it and not.

Here are some crazy tricks the dieters have carried out in order to fool themselves and their bodies into eating less and avoiding bingeing. They work too, so before you laugh, think again.

First of all, you can trick yourself when you shop. Instead of getting a whole box of cakes, get just one from the bakery. You get the walk there, the sweet treat and far less calories that you would have if you were simply giving into a craving in a regular way.

Find a fun way to get yourself moving. Exercise can seem like drudgery, but not if you get it into your life in a fun way. Seek out ways of moving your body by doing something you actually enjoy. The weight will fall off without you even noticing.

Another trick is to shop cruelly for yourself. This may sound counterproductive but if you test yourself a little when you shop, you could push yourself along that little bit more. Buy an item of clothing that you love but that is one size too small. Keep to one size only or you will only demotivate yourself. Try this item on once a week, and wait to see when it fits. When it does, you can praise yourself and wear it with pride. Your next step is to go down a size and so on and so on, until you get to the size you want.

Change your cooking techniques. Get a whole new cookbook if you need to, and find new ways to prep new food. Your culinary adventure will take your mind of cravings and help you to find healthier ways of cooking, such as steaming or poaching.

It’s mind over matter, but if you can move the urge to eat over and trick yourself into thinking about something else, you are half way there.


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