Tomatoes – not just a nice colour in your salad

Tomatoes – not just a nice colour in your salad

It’s hard to associate tomatoes with the range of superfoods out there, but they actually could be considered one. Apart from being sweet and delicious, they have great benefits for your health.

One thing that tomatoes are good for is your bone health. This red, tasty food is packed with antioxidants and they do a lot to build bone health in your body. Lycopene is one of those goodies and it seems to play a really big role in protecting bone tissue. As well as guzzling milk, you should be munching on those tomatoes too!

Another side effect of the antioxidants in tomatoes is cancer protection, in fact their effect on prostrate cancer has already been proven. It has been noted that they can help reduce the risk of breast cancer too.

Studies on the benefits of this food also show that it can help to prevent obesity. Practically, they really work too as part of preparing food. Because they come in various colours, they can do so much to brighten up any dish, whilst adding a good dose of healthy compounds to it. Tomato lovers everywhere are certainly onto a good thing.

There is no denying the power of the tomato, but what if you don’t like them? You can still get them into your diet by disguising them. Go Italian with one of your meals and drop the bottled tomato sauce. Get the blender out, throw in a few tomatoes, herbs and garlic and make your own. Try salsa dip, but homemade. Mash tomatoes up into your soups. Even if you are not a fan, it’s time to get into tomatoes. Not only will you give your body and obesity-fighting health boost, you may begin to wonder how you ever lived without this wondrous fruit for so long!


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