Turbo charge your metabolism

Turbo charge your metabolism

Your metabolism is the key to getting and staying in shape. Without a properly functioning metabolism you simply can’t do it. If you turbo charge this function, you can even fast track the results.

The problem with regular diet and exercise regimes is that whilst they cut down on your body mass, this can come at the expense of your metabolism. By slowing down this vital weight loss engine, you are actually defeating the purpose to a large extent. If you can consider the metabolism in every action you take to lose weight you will find that you keep it burning fat during and after your diet. Basically, you let your body do the work for you and this is the key to happy, healthy dieting and a more energetic you.

Regular diets can involve stress and hunger. Your body also feels depleted of resources and goes into saving mode in order to keep you going. The result is a slow down in the metabolism which makes the whole job of losing weight so much harder. Once it has slowed down it’s very hard to rev it up again too. Having lost weight quickly, people can find that once the metabolism is hit, they put it on again and it’s harder than ever to shift.

Your body needs to get less calories and more exercise that’s true, but in a gradual, sustainable way that won’t send your body into panic mode. Once your body feels under threat, it will pull back on the metabolism right away. It will also begin to deplete your muscle mass and that’s not what you want. You want your body to hit the fat stores and burn them up instead. Metabolism boosting foods are basically your protein sources. Keep them as part of your diet and do exercise that works to build you up gradually. Slowly and surely is the key and with your metabolism that’s certainly the case. For longer lasting diet results, your body already has the key, you just need to tap into it.


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