Wake up earlier to lose weight

Wake up earlier to lose weight

Did you know that by setting your alarm earlier, for example to watch the sunrise, that this actually helps your body burn more fat? It’s true – the morning light activates your metabolism and get your body ignited to start burning.

54 people with an average age to 30 took part in an American research test whereby they were asked to wear a watch on their wrists that monitored their reactions to light and their sleeping patterns for a total of 7 days. During the test, the candidates were asked to note down all their meals in a journal. What resulted was that those who subjected themselves to regular morning light had a lower BMI than the others who did not. An earlier test already showed what the connection between light is and how this plays a role in metabolism and feelings of hunger. Just 20 to 30 minutes of morning sun can help reduce kilo’s concluded the scientists conducting the test.
Between 8 and 12 O’Clock
Morning light influences certain genes connected to our internal clock and activates metabolism. De American professor Phyllis Zee says “Light is the most important factor in getting your body clock in the right setting. It also settles your energy balance. Failure to get enough light at the right time of the day can confuse your metabolism and lead to weight gain. This is why it’s important that you’re exposed to light between 8 and 12 am”


Artificial light
Much of us in the western world don’t get enough natural light because the majority of our lives occur inside, for example at home or in the office. In these locations we get an average of 200 to 300 lux, which is the unit used to measure light intensity. On a cloudy day you’ll get more than 1000 lux and this is virtually impossible to receive via artificial lighting.
Light diet?
According to the results from the test, dieticians and diet programs need to concentrate on how light plays a role in people’s lives. “Just as people should try to sleep more when trying to lose weight, they should also realize that light is just as important which is why access to light should be included in a weight loss plan in the western world. Office buildings and schools should consider adding more windows and better artificial lighting. Employees should be encouraged to lunch outside of the office where they are able to be in the light more often.

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