Want to get in shape? Try a twerk-out

Want to get in shape? Try a twerk-out

Miley Cyrus, whether you like the way she did it or not, put twerking at the tip of our tongue, now enter the twerk-out – a great, fun way to get in shape.

Yoga pants are all in and with that a good twerk-out too. This is thanks to a talented lady called Lexy Panterra. This twerking expert started out by showing us all how to do a twerk-out on Youtube. Eventually, she went viral and has made a name for herself shaking that booty into shape in a unique way. Women are now lining up to try it out and the twerk-out really is a thing.

Lexy, a fitness instructor who has also had a bit of a singing career, actually released her own single on iTunes. It’s when she hit the park in her yoga pants however, that she really began to carve out a name for herself and become famous. According to Lexy, the Lex Twerk-Out serves two purposes. It is a combination of doing some pretty good exercise and feeling sexy at the same time. It’s designed to be both empowering and an affective form of exercise. The formula seems to work, last year she ran her initial fitness class and it’s been gaining popularity ever since. It’s not just for the girls either, men attend her classes too. Panterra’s form of workout arose from the fact that she never liked the traditional forms of exercising, so she brought in a whole new way of her own and people like it.

The Lex twerk-out it seems, is here to stay, so if you want to be on top of the latest exercise trends, dig out those jogging pants and get your twerk on! Twerking is not just for the likes of Miley, so give it a shot, it may the the exerise regime you have been waiting for.

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