Warm smoothies – they’re great!

Warm smoothies – they’re great!

Smoothies are a great way to detox and when you think of them you usually picture something cold and fresh. There is such a thing as a warm smoothie too though, and it tastes very nice indeed.

If you thought that you needed to wait until Summer time to get back into the daily smoothie, think again. There are a selection of warm smoothies that can take out the Autumn and Winter chill and get you a great detox at the same time. This apple cider smoothie combines apples and spinach for an antioxidant packed vitamin boost that will warm you on the coldest of days.

Apples are a fantastic, low calorie source of fibre and vitamins. They provides some sweetness too, but in a way that does not boost the amount of sugar in your bloodstream, in fact it helps to absorb it in a more gradual way, meaning less sugar spikes and therefore less cravings. This smoothie has spinach thrown in, but the addition of ginger and cinnamon and the sweetness of the apples mean that you get the benefit without the taste, so if you are not a spinach fan, you can probably get it into your diet in a delicious way.

Aside from being packed with goodness, the apple cider smoothie is quick to prepare. Just pour into a blender the juice of a lemon, a cup of water, a chopped apple, two handfuls of baby spinach and a half a teaspoon of both ginger and cinnamon. Flick the button and mix it all up and you have the cold ingredients combined together. You can drink it this way or heat it up. Adding warmth is easy, simply pour the mix into a small pot and heat it up. It will take around five minutes and then your warm apple cider smoothie is good to go.

Quick easy and super healthy, if you thought a smoothie needs to be cold, think again.


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