Watching the sugar content in food can lead to a few surprises

Watching the sugar content in food can lead to a few surprises

If you are cutting down on your sugar intake, then the obvious items like candy and cookies are to be avoided. But if you are seeking something else sweet that will replace them, you need to be aware that some items may pack in a lot more sugar than you think.

So much so that the sugar values start to add up to the same as that chocolate chip cookie you have been avoiding. The trick is to keep an eye on those food labels, and make sure you know what is in there.

Below are five food items you need to watch out for. They may seem like a good alternative for something sweet, but this is not always the case.

Yoghurt can have quite a number of grams of sugar per serving. This does not mean that it’s a complete no-no, but you do need to watch the type that you buy. Flavoured, or low fat, usually means a lot of sugar is needed to create that taste. Keep to plain varieties and add some natural flavour with fruit.

Muesli and Granola. Now surely this has got to be good for you – and it is, but there can be quite a lot of sugar involved in your healthy start to the day. It’s best to make your own granola, using nuts and grains and keeping low on the dried fruits. That way you get the fibre and the fullness, without spoonfulls of sugar.

Flavoured drinks are quite a tasty treat when you are dehydrated, but they are packed with sugars more often than not. In some cases, you may as well down a can of Coke, as that drink that is labeled as a fruit juice. Why not invest in your own water bottle, chop some fruit into your water and enjoy a natural sweet taste?

Salad dressings are a bit of a cheat when it comes to eating healthy and light. They make a salad so much tastier, but dressings, and especially low fat ones have a lot of sugar in them, which defeats the purpose of eating salad in the first place.

If you are trying to keep the sugar content low, keep an eye on what you eat, and don’t be fooled by words like ‘low fat’. A little reading between the lines can save you a whole lot of sugar.

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