What kind of exercise can work for you?

What kind of exercise can work for you?

As you already know exercise is the key to getting in shape, when combined with a healthy diet. It’s not just about doing any old exercise however, it’s important to work out in a way that actually makes an impact.

There’s nothing more demotivating than seeing the results of your regular exercise decrease over time. You drag yourself out to the gym, go out running whatever the weather of while away time on the treadmill when you might want to be anywhere else. What keeps us going is results, but when they don’t show up it’s really hard to stay on track. The key is in the way you exercise, rather just in the fact that you exercise at all.

It’s important to follow an exercise regime that is actually effective and that involves bringing little bits of everything together for a combined effect. You should incorporate some strength training into your regime. Twenty minutes a day, two times a week will tone your body nicely. That’s probably a lot less than you thought.

Aside from strength, you need to get going on some interval training and this can be built into the workout you already do. A good example is walking for three minutes then running for two, then swapping this around throughout your workout. By confusing your muscles and making them start over at something new in this way, you are packing more punch into your workout.

Finally, you need to make sure you have some cardio on the go. Walking, running, cycling and dancing are all good ways to build cardio into your exercise. A good thirty minutes a day of cardio will keep your fitness up, your heart healthy and the calories burning nicely.

If your exercise routing is not producing the results you would like the answer is simple, shake it up a little and watch the results happen.


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