What stress is doing to your diet

What stress is doing to your diet

Stress – we all deal with it, some of us better than others. One thing that is certain however is that our bodies struggle with it, especially when it comes to losing weight.

Our lives today can be filled with stress and the advice you hear all around is to cut it out of your life. So why is it so bad, and how does it make you put on weight? One might think that being stressed would make you lose weight but the opposite is often the case. The reason for this, our stress hormone, cortisol, which is very handy in a life threatening situation, but not when you are trying to steer clear of the cookie jar.

Stress has been linked to all sorts of issues including heart disease, diabetes and memory loss. It has an immediate effect on your quality of life, but what we don’t see is the more insidious effect it has on our bodies over time. When you are under stress your body reacts by boosting cortisol levels. If you are in a dangerous situation, sugar levels in your body are raised and the heart starts pumping faster. This is all well and good if you need to get out of a jam, but living like this throughout our lives is not good. Being ready for fight or flight with heightened sugar and adrenaline levels takes its toll on our body. If we do this for long enough, our health will eventually tell the tale.

The sugar release that occurs with cortisol is not a good one for your diet either. The sugar does not get burned up but floats around in the bloodstream. Your body gets no satisfaction from it as it does not really get to do any good work, so you crave sweet foods. Cortisol also plays a role in fat storage. It helps to ensure those fat cells get stored right where you don’t want them, in the tummy.

All in all, stress is not good. If you notice your diet is going awry, it might be time to take a new action – just try to chill out. Sounds impossible perhaps, but you could make your diet so much easier – and live longer to boot.

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