What you need to eat less of to look younger

What you need to eat less of to look younger

There is a distinct connection between what you should eat to be healthy and to look younger. The very foods you cut out to avoid weight gain are often the ones that age you too.

In terms of foods that are bad for you and stop you looking younger, sugar and alcohol are up there in top five. There are a range of other foods that are not helpful in looking younger however and some of them you might not have thought of.

Barbequed meat is one example of a food that does not help in your quest to look good. It can contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons, and when it comes to looking younger, inflammation is not what you are after. This does not mean that you need to miss out on the barbie, but try to scrape off the charred part of the meat when you are eating it.

Aside from sugar, too much salt is not good either. It leads to water retention and puffiness when taken in too high doses and does little to help you look your best. Processed meats are common culprits and even some sliced cheeses come with huge amounts of salt too. Try something new in your sandwiches and cut down on the salt.

Some spicy food is ok, but too much can have a bad effect on the skin. Because spices cause the blood vessels to dilate a little, this does not help your face. For women going through the menopause, the effect is more pronounced as spider veins, puffiness and redness become more of an issue.

Too much red meats hits the collagen too, by interfering with how your skin cells work. Collagen is your best friend, so you need to look after it.

Whilst there  is not necessarily the need to banish these foods forever from your diet, keeping them in moderation will help you stay on track to a healthier, younger looking you, and that’s got to be worth it.


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