What’s the best weight loss app out there?

What’s the best weight loss app out there?

Your smartphone goes everywhere with you, following you on your journey through daily life. For many, their weight loss app is also by their side, as they undertake healthy eating or exercise regimes.

In fact, the smart phone is indeed a part of these activities. For many, their trusty phone does a lot of the work, calculating miles run, calories eaten and much more. So, amongst a myriad of weight loss apps, which one really works well and makes a difference?

One organisation that has pondered this question is Forbes, and their number one choice is an app called ‘Lose it’. This free app keeps everything in order, calculating all the things you need to know and keeping all of this vital information in a single, organised place. It’s also free and works on Apple and Android.

This weight loss app lets you look up food to track calories but it also allows you to track your exercise too, so no need to have another app for that. If you put in your current weight, and the weight you want to get to, it will calculate what you need to eat per day in terms of calories, with a timeline of when you can expect to get there.

For those moments of weakness, or when you simply have questions, there’s an online support community you can join. This community aspect is a great way to find and give support as people can continue on their weight loss journey together.

When you are out shopping and want to ensure you buy the right products, you can use the app to scan the barcodes of any item and it will get you the information on nutrients and calories. There are a ton of apps out there designed to help you lose weight, but this one brings together the elements of calorie counting, community and careful food shopping to really help you on your journey – and its free, so if you have been looking for the right solution to weight loss apps – why not give it a try!

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