When it’s time to take a diet break

When it’s time to take a diet break

Most of the literature on dieting will advise against a diet break. Keep up the good work and get to the end result is the mantra. There are some times however, when taking a break will actually help you along.

One would not think that a diet break would be advisable to anyone trying to shake a few pounds but it can actually help. If there is one thing our bodies are, it’s stubborn. When there are signs that the food supply has dwindled, all sorts of anti starvation defences kick in and one of these defences is a slowing metabolism. Basically, you need to eat even less than before to put weight on, sounds unfair, but that’s evolution for you.

The symptoms are pretty clear when it’s becoming time for a diet break. Usually, brain fog, irritability or headaches are a good sign that things have dropped in terms of calorie levels and your body is struggling with it.

Hunger hormones begin to kick in and they have quite some effects, so you need to get everything back into line again. Taking a short diet break can actually help your body to shift the constant cravings and to stop believing that all sources of nutrition are drying up. By doing this, you can help kick off the metabolism again, and that’s your secret ingredient for any diet success.

Dieting is in a way tricking your body into doing a lot more work for a smaller amount of calories. This does not always go down well, so you need to watch for the signs that your metabolism has slowed right down and respond accordingly. A diet break is not always an action that has the potential for failure, it can be a planned move that will keep things in balance and help you along your way. Now, what better news could a dieter get than that?

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