Which nuts have the least fat?

Which nuts have the least fat?

One of the most frequently used tips for dieters is to munch on nuts instead of sugar based items if they are feeling snackish. Nuts come with filling protein, perfect for those trying to cut back.

The problem with nuts however is that they do come with their own helping of fats too. In fact, munching on them too often will counteract any benefit of not hitting the cookies or the candy bar. What is helpful is to know just how many you can eat and of all the varieties out there, which ones are the lowest in fat.

First of all, helping sizes. What is a portion of nuts? Could it be a cupful, a huge handful or just a tablespoon full? Generally, around 100 grams is the usual helping, a modest handful to be less precise. Depending on the type you select that handful could vary by up to 500 calories in terms of the fat levels you will consume. Nuts are packed with protein and fibre which are great for keeping you full, the trick is to combine this goodness with keeping the fat level down.

If you want the nut with the lowest saturated fat content, its the chestnut. Brazil and macadamia nuts have the most fat (which accounts for their creamy texture). It might be best to opt for the roasted chestnut if you can then rather than the bag of macadamias. Do bear in mind however, that chestnuts do have more natural sugars, so you are not off scott free. If you are seeking a fibre boost, then almonds are your friend and cashew nuts are to be avoided. Almonds, pistachios and the humble peanut have the most protein, so if you are munching nuts to kill a hunger pang, then these are the ones to go for.

Eating nuts are good, but it’s not about grabbing a bag of the ones you love and tucking in. There is a tiny bit of science to it, but if you can crack that particular nut, you will make the most of this healthy snack food and help to keep you diet on the right track.

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