Who are the healthiest people in the world?

Who are the healthiest people in the world?

A good reason for keeping in shape is to ensure that you are the healthiest you can be. In fact, rather than it all being about how good we look in (or out) of our clothing, helping our bodies to live to a ripe old age should probably be one of the most important things to us.

Bearing this in mind, it’s interesting to know who the healthiest people in the world are. Are they the Japanese with their wonderful seafood based diet? Or the people of the Mediterranean with their wonderful fruits and endless supply of olive oil? USA Today took a look at some information compiled by Wall Street on this very topic and the results that they came up with are very interesting.

The healthiest countries in the world are in some cases, what you might expect, and in other cases, a bit surprising. So who tops the list? Australia in fact. This sun filled surfing paradise has a very strong health system and this means people have great access to healthcare, which is a major factor in being amongst the world’s healthiest people.

Singaporeans are also very healthy, with an impressively low obesity rate, in fact one of the lowest in the world. Austrians are up next, reporting a very high life expectancy, despite being a nation of heavy smokers. Good access to healthcare seems to play an important role there. Iceland, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland follow and number one is – Qatar. Qatar manages this without having a healthcare system akin to the ones we have, so that’s pretty impressive. Now we know who are the healthiest people out there, we need to take a leaf out of their book perhaps. So what do people from Qatar eat? How do they work out? The answers could hold the secrets we have been seeking all along.

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