Why a diet may not work for everyone

Why a diet may not work for everyone

As with achieving anything in life, making it on a diet comes with quite a large dollop of psychology. The way to success is to get your brain thinking and doing as you wish. The problem is that does not work for everybody and some of us are not set up for success.

A diet will go off its track on more than one occasion for most people and when we look at the list of things that encourage them to keep on eating beyond their needs, it’s no surprise. First of all, our bodies programme us to eat and that’s a good thing. We need food for survival, but what our body likes to get its hands on are foods rich in energy. It’s all part of protecting us for when resources are scarce, which does not happen in our society, hence we end up on a diet in the first place.

We are driven towards energy sources and they are the sweet and fatty foods that we need to steer clear of to avoid issues such as obesity and diabetes. It would be much easier to comply with the need to avoid such foods if they were not put before our noses however. Everywhere we turn, be it looking at the TV or driving past billboards, foods that we should not really consume are glorified and deemed irresistable. There are commercial pressures to eat, and it’s hard not to fall foul of them if you are on a diet.

In addition, there can be cultural pressures to overeat or to eat the wrong foods. If people all around you eat these foods, or you have grown up in an environment where such foodstuffs are not questioned, by the time you get around to re-thinking the whole thing, it could be too late.

What you need to do is change the lens you look through, refuse to be told what’s good enough and persevere in your own food choices. That is trickier for some than others, but once you crack it, a diet will never be the same again.

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