Why a weight loss journal is worth the time

Why a weight loss journal is worth the time

Getting in shape is a lot of work, so filling in a weight loss journal as part of this may not seem like a good use of time. In the long run, this little book can get you to your end goal a lot quicker, so it’s worth considering.

You may already lead a busy life, but you have made the decision to invest some time in losing weight. When you think about a weight loss journal, that seems to be a bit too much extra work. Think again however, what you scribble in that little book can make a big difference to your overall success. So, why would you go to the bother or journalling what you eat and what you do?

Well, the answer lies in a question. Do you really remember how many calories you ate, or how much exercise you did in the last week? If you have not kept a weight loss journal, it’s harder to keep track of exactly how you are doing. In fact, a journal removes the need to constantly remember things, making your life easier in the long run.

People often think a weight loss journal is a complicated thing, but this is not true. It gives you a tangible idea of what you are aiming for and how you are doing getting there. By recording your actual eating and exercise patterns you can see progress and that’s a motivator. You can also take it a step further and record emotions at different times, highlighting danger points for overeating, or dropping out of exercise. A weight loss journal also helps to ensure that you get the right nutrition to stay healthy and on top of things.

By knowing exactly where you stand, you can find out how to get to where you need to go. Why not give the journal a shot, and see if you can’t write your way to success?

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